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Rangrez Hammersmith

Papad Ki Tokri
£3.75Add +
Mini popadums served in a basket with selection of chutnies, thoroughly enjoyed with pre-dinner drinks
Starters - Pakora
Onion Bhaji£5.25Add +Onion and spinach coated in gram flour batter with whole spices
Chicken Pakora£6.95Add +Succulent chicken breast coated in gram flour with whole spices
Fish Pakora£6.95Add +Seasonal fish coated in gram flour with a blend of spices
Prawn Pakora£7.95Add +Prawns coated in gram flour with whole spices. Served with tamarind chutney
Starters - From Streets of India
Momos£5.45Add +Mince vegetables/chicken dumplings native to places bordering the Himalayan region of India. Now, introduced to northeast India and thoroughly enjoyed as snack or starter
Samosa£5.25Add +Short crust pastry filled with potato and peas or lamb mince, served with Rangrez’s special chutney
Aaloo Chat£5.95Add +Crispy diced potatoes tossed with spices, tamarind and mint sauce
Khati Meethi Papdi Chat
£5.95Add +
Crispy flour wafers topped with potatoes, laced with whipped yogurt, Rangrez special chutneys, covered with crispy vermicelli, pomegranate and fresh coriander
Aaloo Tikki
£5.95Add +
Homemade potato and pea cutlet drizzled with mint chutney, tamarind sauce and whipped yogurt, finished with crispy vermicelli and pomegranate
Starters - Chef Specials
Crispy Corn£5.95Add +Crispy sweetcorn tossed with spices and fresh coriander
Paneer Zal-zala£6.45Add +Indian cottage cheese, onions, garlic, colourful peppers tossed in karahi with hand crushed garam masala and fresh herbs
Chilli Gobhi
£6.45Add +
Crispy cauliflower, onions, garlic, colourful peppers tossed in karahi with hand crushed garam masala and fresh herbs
Chicken Zal-zala
£6.95Add +
Succulent chicken pieces, onions, garlic and colourful peppers tossed in karahi with hand crushed garam masala and fresh herbs
Starters - From the Clay Oven
Paneer Tikka£6.45Add +Indian cottage cheese and coloured peppers coated in Rangrez’s special spices
Rasilay Chicken Wings£6.50Add +Juicy chicken wings pre-marinated and cooked in clay oven
Chicken Tikka
£6.95Add +
Succulent chicken pieces marinated in yogurt and spices
Chicken Tikka Shashlik
£7.45Add +
Succulent chicken pieces marinated in yogurt and spices with onions and colourful peppers
Lamb Seekh Kebab£7.95Add +Prime lamb mince infused with herb’s and spices
Lamb Chops
£7.95Add +
Spring lamb chops marinated in Rangrez’s hand crushed spices
Lamb Tikka£7.95Add +Mouth-melting spring lamb marinated in yogurt and spices
Salmon Tikka£7.95Add +Salmon marinated with onion seeds, carom seeds and a blend of spices
Prawn Tandoori£10.95Add +Jumbo king prawns marinated in authentic seafood masala
Signature Dish
Salmon Toofani£16.95Add +Finest Scottish/Norwegian salmon fillet marinated in garlic and hand crushed fish spice mix, cooked in clay oven. Served with spinach and rice
House Specials
Rocket Chicken£15.45Add +Half tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt with Rangrez’s homemade spice mix, tossed in karahi with masala sauce served with rice and salad
£16.45Add +
Spring lamb slowly cooked with 'do pyaz' means two types of onions. Fried onions and sliced raw onions, slowly cooked with meat to enhance flavour, cooked with a blend of pices, lime juice and fresh herbs. Served with rice and salad
Non vegetarian
Butter Chicken£9.95Add +Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in tomato and fenugreek gravy. Popularly known as 'chicken tikka masala'. Punjabi's favourite
Karahi Chicken£9.95Add +Chicken pieces cooked in karahi with diced peppers, onion and whole spices
Saag Chicken£9.95Add +Mouth-melting pieces of tandoor cooked chicken in spinach, spices and fresh herbs
Chicken Co-Co
£9.95Add +
Curried chicken simmered in coconut milk. Introduced from rest of India an alternative to chicken korma
Chicken Vindaloo
£9.95Add +
Chicken breast cooked with onion, tomatoes, fresh herbs, ginger and a blend of spices
Chicken Kali Mirch
£9.95Add +
Succulent chicken pieces cooked with onion, tomato and coarse blackpepper corns
Lamb Rogan Josh£11.95Add +British spring lamb cooked with unique spiced flavoured oil (rogan)
Saag Gosht£12.95Add +Spring lamb cooked with blended spinach gravy with fresh ginger, lime and a blend of spices
Prawn Masala£12.95Add +King prawn in onion, tomato gravy with spices and fresh herbs
Samundari Jheenga£12.95Add +King prawns in mustard seeds and curry leaves flavoured tangy sauce
Fish Curry£12.95Add +Premium white fish tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves, simmered in chef's special masala sauce and a blend of hand ground spices
Lamb Curry£12.25Add +British spring lamb simmered in onion and tomato sauce with fresh mint, ginger and a blend of spices.
Tadka Dal£8.95Add +Yellow lentils tempered with cumin, turmeric, blend of spices, fresh ginger and coriander
Dal Makhani
£8.95Add +
Slowly cooked black lentils, cooked in creamy tomato gravy, original Punjabi style
Shahi Paneer£8.95Add +Indian cottage cheese cooked in mild tomato gravy and cream
Karahi Paneer£8.95Add +Indian cottage cheese cooked with diced onions, peppers and whole spices
Tawa Bhindi£8.95Add +Okra cooked on griddle with a blend of home spices
Chana Masala
£8.95Add +
Curried chickpeas with tomatoes, onions, spice mix, fresh ginger and herbs
Saag Aaloo£8.95Add +Baby potatoes in blended spinach gravy with fresh ginger, lime and spices
Bombay Aaloo
£8.95Add +
Baby potatoes in onion tomato sauce with mustard seeds
Mix Vegetable£8.95Add +Selection of vegetable cooked in Rangrez masala sauce
Baingan Ka Bharta
£8.95Add +
Smoked aubergine in onion and tomato sauce with spices
Rice based dish known for its unique flavour aroma and spices. Served with raita
Vegetable Biryani£11.95Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with vegetables served with raita
Chicken Biryani
£13.50Add +
Seasoned rice dish cooked with chicken served with raita
Lamb Biryani£14.95Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with lamb served with raita
Prawn Biryani£15.95Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with prawn served with raita
Plain Rice£3.50Add +Plain boiled rice
Pulao Rice£4.25Add +Rice tossed with turmeric, cumin and coriander
Tandoori Roti£2.45Add +Bread made with wholemeal flour
Naan£2.45Add +Bread made with white flour
Garlic Naan
£2.70Add +
Bread topped with chopped garlic and cooked in clay oven
Pudina Laccha Parantha£3.25Add +Multi layered wholemeal crispy bread topped with fresh mint and cooked in clay oven
Peshwari Naan (n)£3.45Add +Bread stuffed with almonds and desiccated coconut
Stuffed Naan£3.95Add +Your choice of stuffed naan
Raita£2.95Add +Yogurt based condiment
House Salad£3.50Add +
Chutney£1.00Add +Your choice of chutney
Pickle Pot£1.00Add +Pickle Pot
Onion Salad£1.95Add +